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Data current as of: Jul 20, 2024

This free version of our Stock Screener has two major sections, one for Fundamental criteria and one for Technical criteria. This will allow you to craft precise, custom screens that identify stocks matching your personal investment style and investing strategy.
1. Fundamental Analysis The first tab allows you to filter your screen on various kinds of Fundamental data as well as on Sector and Industry.

This includes looking for financial and valuation criteria as well as dividend yield. You can narrow your search to just ETFs, too.
2. Technical Analysis The second tab provides a selection of Technical indicators including some of our own proprietary signals.

See which stocks or ETFs are in strong trends, who is beating the S&P 500, which are exhibiting trend reversals and more.
1. Fundamental and Valuation Measures - updated one to five times a week
2. Technical Analysis Patterns and Signals - collected over the last few weeks
Technical Analysis - daily technicals updated five times week
Like the Free Stock Screener? See all the added functionality that our Premium Screener offers for finding the latest signals.

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