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Data current as of: Jul 20, 2024

Our Premium Stock Screener has three major sections that will allow you to slice and dice the stock market in unique ways
1. The top section allows you to look at Technical and Fundamental data and compare to recent history. This means you can zero in on those stocks that have just exhibited recent changes.

This sets us apart from all other stock screeners!
2. The second, middle section allows you to filter your screen on various kinds of Fundamental data as well as on Sector and Industry.

This includes looking for financial and valuation criteria as well as dividend yield. You can narrow your search to just ETFs, too.
3. The third section provides a selection of Technical indicators including some of our own proprietary signals.

See which stocks or ETFs are in strong trends, who is beating the S&P 500, which are exhibiting trend reversals and more.
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Go ahead and play with the Premium Screener - just be aware results are limited to one row of data.

1. Changes in Technical and Financial Performance - compared to last week or a few days ago
 Find the freshest signals - pick a date (see the drop-down on the left) and see what's changed in the last few days or since last week 
DAILY data
WEEKLY data Compare latest
data to...
Trend Performance
(6=most bullish,
0=most bearish)
Change in
Trend Performance
Change in 50-DMA Change in MACD
  Change in 200-DMA Change in DMI
  20-DMA crossed 50-DMA Change in Aroon
  50-DMA crossed 200-DMA    
   Keep it simple - use our proprietary Financial Performance Score and Valuation Score for easy screening 
  Financial Performance Score
(6=strongest financials,
0=weakest financials)
Change in
Financial Performance Score
  Valuation Score
(6=best value,
0=most over-valued)
Change in
Valuation Score
   For up-to-the-minute stock screening, zero in on the latest changes in our selection of fundamental data 
Recent Change in Sequential Quarterly EPS Recent Change in Sequential Quarterly Revenue
Recent Change in Dividend Recent Change in Cash Flow
Recent Change in ROE Recent Change in PRICE
2. Fundamental and Valuation Measures - updated one to five times a week
3. Technical Analysis Patterns and Signals - collected over the last few weeks
Technical Analysis - daily technicals updated five times week
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